Add me as a Contributor to your site

If you already have a WiX site in works and want me to give an assessment or a quote then here are steps how to do it

You've to got add me with full administrative power and ability to PUBLISH YOUR SITE or I won't be able to open your Editor and make all necessary changes.

Be assured that I do not have the authority to see your billing information, and neither can I delete or transfer your site to a different owner. 

Step 1: Log in to your Wix account

Go to and click "Sign In" at the top right.
If you have more than one site, select "Manage Site" for the site you wish to send the invite from

Step 2: Go to your dashboard

Hower over the thumbnail of the site you want to be worked on and click on "Select & Edit Site" 

Step 3: Add me as a contributor

Inside your Back Office Settings hover over "Site Actions" and
scroll down until you see Add Contributor. Click "Add Contributor" 

Step 4: Add my Email

Enter my Wix Expert email address, Choose the role   you are assigning for me, and then Click Send Invite

Step 5: Send the Invite

You’ve now successfully invited me to join your Wix website! Once I receive the email notification from Wix, I will accept the invitation. Once, I have accepted, the contributor screen will change to show I have been added. 

Step 6: Let's Get To Work

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