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Web Design & Development

We create your new website or redesign your existing Wix site

so it looks exactly the way you want.

Popular web design services:

▶ Classic Website

▶ Advanced Website

▶ Redesign Website

▶ Migrate Website

BeWIXed Web Design

Graphic Design & Brand Development

We develop your brand identity, design your logo, create a graphic language, and more.

Popular web design services:

▶ Custom Logo

▶ Image Editing

▶ Visual Content

▶ Brand Development

BeWIXed Web Design

Online Store

We create your online store, showcase your products, set up shipping, and more.

Popular online store services:

▶ eCommerce Website

▶ Advanced Store Capabilities

▶ Store Optimization     

▶ Store Settings

BeWIXed Web Design

Marketing & Promotion

We promote your website, launch email marketing campaigns and get your website found on Google.

Popular marketing services:


▶ Ad Setup

▶ Content Writing

▶ Email Marketing

BeWIXed Web Design

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