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The Process

Websites or Graphic Designs are truly important for every company because they convey your brand values, message and ideas in a visual form and represent all visual and conceptual nitty grits related to your brand, concept or company.

To create trust in your company is important to have visual and conceptual design assets aligned with the voice of your company.


That is exactly I am good at and will help you to grab the viewer’s attention and transmit your brand values and message through visual elements.


Here are the steps to show how it all will work...

1. Connect

The first step is always to connect with you and know what are your needs, ideas and "pain points.

2. Define Ideas

Once we have established the first contact, we will define your ideas with a design brief, to make clear what your objectives are to outline the design project and find right solutions

3. Research

Once we have clear your idea and objectives with the design

I start the process of Research, collecting useful information, ideas, and inspiration to create a mood board and iframe that later will use to develop the final design.


Once I already have all the information from the research and the mood board ready I start to brainstorm ideas and trying the first raw ideas that later I will develop


Once I made the first draft with design I choose the best options and start developing these ideas into the final design that later will be presented to you for a revision.


After I finish the design process and adjust the last details of the design I will present you the final design to hear your feedback and adjust some elements if needed to be.


The last part of my design process is helping you to launch your website and discuss all possible steps of future enhancements.

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