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Hey There

How to Get Ready for Your Discovery Call

Thank you for considering BeWIXed Design Solutions for your web design and branding project.

Thank you picking the day and time for a discovery Zoom, WhatsApp or phone discovery meeting with me, Tatiana D, 

Before our upcoming Zoom/phone discovery call, I kindly request your input on a few key questions. This step is quite instrumental in ensuring our conversation is as productive and valuable as possible for both of us.

Shortly I will be sending you a number of questions.

By answering these questions in advance, you will be helping me to ensure that our discovery call is not only insightful but also a step towards building a successful partnership, because based on your answers I will create a solution tailored to your requirements and needs. 


Here are the areas we will address during discovery call:


1. Efficiency:

By providing insights on your company, audience, goals, and preferences upfront, we can delve straight into the specifics during our call. This ensures we make the most of our time together.

2. Tailored Solutions:

Your responses will guide me in customizing the approach to your unique needs. This means I can propose solutions that align precisely with your vision and objectives.

3. Alignment:

Your input helps me better understand your brand, your mission, and the outcomes you desire. This enables me to ensure that the proposed strategy aligns with your core values and aspirations.

4. Budget and Timeline Considerations:

Knowing your budget range and timeline expectations allows me to suggest realistic solutions that fit your financial parameters and desired project timeline.

5. Fostering Collaboration:

This initial collaboration sets the stage for a productive working relationship, making sure that my design and branding solutions resonate with your goals and expectations.


I  appreciate your effort in providing this information.

Thank you, and I look forward to a productive discovery call.


Tatiana D

( Keep scrolling! and talk soon!)

Well, wasn't that long form?

Thank you for taking the time to give the answers! I can't wait to talk to you!

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