Call-To-Actions 101: 6 Key Points to Create CTAs That Actually Works

Call-To-Action is a feature or a hook, the most overlooked by so many website owners. I'm not trying to cover every single aspect of this so impactful feature, but rather point obvious and share some tips and tricks. I will be using quotes from WIX Blog as a support to my own expertise. It is very important to pay thorough attention to Call-To-Actions imperative attention

What CTAs do stand for?

Call-to-Actions are short phrases that guide your online audience to take immediate action in the direction you need them to go for. In the context of a website, they are most often clickable texts, images or buttons that encourage site visitors to follow your site’s invitation and perform a certain act, like downloading files, purchasing products, subscribing to a service, signing up as members, contacting your staff, starting a trial, and more. Here are some examples:

Basically, CTA's tell your site users what it is that you want them to do. If the entire content of your site is doing the prep work for it, the role of the CTA is to entice visitors to take that final step and click to complete that action, to “seal the deal.” That’s how CTA's have a direct impact on your entire website’s success. Strong, persuasive CTAs get you higher sales, more followers and wider exposure, and if CTAs contain any major keywords, than it will result in a better GOOGlE search ranking as well.

Steps How to Master Your CTAs

#1 Define Your Goals

The first step to master your call-to-action directs you to the very core of your online presence. You need to have a clear understanding of your goals of even having the website. Let’s put it this way: Why are you setting up a website, to begin with? What are you planning to achieve? The answer to this question would determine how you use CTAs.

Your goal and the action that you are calling for correspond to each other. If, for example, your site’s goal is to advance your life coaching service, the action you will be prompting would be scheduling an appointment, and the CTA might read something like: “Book Your First Session Here” or “Schedule a Free Consultation.”

#2 Do you Know What Your Audience is Looking For?

It's good to know what you want out of your website, however, you won’t get far if you neglect to consider the needs and wishes of your audience. What are they doing on your site? Why users are there? What tone of voice and what kind of vocabulary appeals to them?

Do some research testing on your target audience and then create a profile of your average site visitor. If you get a sense of what motivates your audience you will phrase CTAs more effectively. Research your competitors to find out what they are doing. You can learn plenty from other people’s successes or failures, and that will take you a few steps further in your ladder of success.

#3 Is your STA a Front and Center as it should be?

A CTA must be clearly visible. I can’t stress it enough. All the effort that you put into creating your CTAs will be useless if your site visitors are unable to spot it on your site. Here’s how you guarantee that CTAs will be effective and visible:

#4 Size does matter

The proportions of CTA buttons or texts should reflect their unique role on your site. You want to go with a size that distinctively marks the CTA as a crucial segment of the site, one that shouldn’t be overlooked. But practicing moderation is a good move here too. Devoting half of your page size to a button will not get you much other than frustrated visitors.

Your color palette should make the CTA stand out. Choose a color combination that accentuates the CTA and calls for attention. Obviously, you don’t want to blind your site visitors with clashing colors (and this guide to choosing the perfect color palette will help you avoid that), but you do need a contrast that helps the CTA to stand out on the page. In addition, think about which colors to use in order to evoke specific emotions or actions from your visitors.

#5 Location is key.

Where you choose to place the CTA can have all the impact on its performance. The guiding principles are that CTAs should be located in prominent spots; that the space surrounding them should be free of clutter; and that they are not competing with other buttons in the area over clicks. You shouldn’t assume that CTAs work best if placed right at the top of the page. Remember that you are asking visitors to take action, so the request should appear at the moment when they’re ready for it. The CTA usually follows content that prepares the ground for it.

#6 Keep It Short and Clear

This is not the place for witty observations or lively descriptions of the benefits you promise. CTAs are brief and to the point. They describe the action in a straightforward manner – Free Download Copy of...., Register for a Free Trial, Buy This, Sign Up and Get $50 Off, Reserve Your Seats, Enter To Win, etc.

Don’t forget, though, that the CTAs are just that final step in a process. Your site’s design, the images that decorate it and the textual content that you publish on it all provide the atmosphere, the information and the motivation to follow your call-to-action, while the CTA is there to give it a final push. Use always action-oriented lingo! Add justified urgency, like - "Limited spots",

"X number of copies left" and so on. If your visitors now that they always can get something for free, or there is no time limit, they will at least bookmark your page and may forget to come back later.

Keep track of your visitors' actions by offering a chatbox. Don't forget to use analytics to measure what works on your site, and what needs improvement. That eventually will determine your success success

A Few Best CALL-TO-ACTION Examples I found on the HelloBar Blog

  1. 1. Click here to find out how we did it (revealing your secret sauce)

  2. 2. Click here to read our FAQ (answers to all prospects’ questions)

  3. 3. Click here to get the lowdown (similar to the primary example, but less formal)

  4. 4. Reply today and get…

  5. 5. Try it free now... Few Spots Left

  6. 6. Your free trial is just a click away

  7. 7. Join now and get…

  8. 8. I invite you to…

  9. 9. Just hit Reply and we’ll email you the details immediately

  10. 10. Place your order now while everything is still in front of you

  11. 11. In a hurry? Call…

  12. 12. We’re waiting for your call

  13. 13. Why not give us a call to find out all the details?

  14. 14. Offer expires very soon

  15. 15. Order now and receive a free gift

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