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In a Nutshell!

BeWIXed Private Coaching

1. In the next 3 months there will be a series of by-monthly ZOOM live Webinars (total of 6) where you will learn necessary basics of web design to maximize your efforts and cut down learning time to move past amateur to advanced stage in your DIY ( Do-It-Yourself) web design knowledge and skills.

2. Learn pro-secrets and shortcuts for both design and functionality and you will be able to approach your website with ease instead of difficulty

(No more guessing: "Does this look good enough?")

3. You will get your website caught up with your business. You will have clearer understanding how to match the quality of your website with the quality of your business! Time to ease your stress!

​4. You will learn how to create relevant user experience on your website making you the "go-to" in your industry. Converting your visitors to clients will become a lot easier when your offer is skillfully crafted and in a sense is unforgettable for repeated customers!

5. Learn how to implement your website in your overall business strategy to create the revenue you deserve. (Always remember: your website, after all, is the heartbeat of your business and will only work as well as you set it up and take care of it).

~ The point is to have you get more hits to your site, to get it on such autopilot where newly generated leads, and numerous sales will be coming through overnight while you are sleeping!

Web Design Fashionista template

Private Web Design Coaching

  • Wouldn't it be great to create a website on your own without spending thousands of dollars to hire a professional web designer?

  • WIX Editor is available to play around. Your own design looks good....

  • Why clients can't recognize your efforts? What is missing?  


If this sounds painfully familiar, then you are at the right place at the right time!

  • This private coaching program was designed to train, mentor, and guide you when it comes to your Wix website challenges.

  • No more frustration while working with your website!

  • I can guarantee that for you!

Are you asking yourself

these questions?​

  • Am I working on this site on my own but not exactly happy with the way its turning out?

  • I've watched a lot of tutorials on YouTube but still have more questions than answers!

  • I know deep down my site needs to be so much better in order to bring in the income I desire to have.

  • I did try fixing things only to make them kind of worse.

  • I have so many questions about SEO, email marketing, social media, videos, pictures to use, and more!

  • I feel frustrated!!!

Do you have more than one

"Yes" for an answer? 

This solution definitely is for you!

Is This 
For You?

 In 2, one-hour Zoom calls per month for 3 months this is what you will learn how to:


  1. Recognize and implement best SEO practices for better organic rankings on Google and Bing. 

  2. Discover your best keywords for better reach.

  3. Understand basics of the web accessibility.

  4. Copywriting guidance for your site with SEO and conversions in mind.

  5. Write page titles and meta tags for increased clicks and better organic search results.

  6. ​SEO - lessons showing you how to increase traffic to your site.

  7. Design - make improvements to your  site with your customer journey in mind.

  8. Create the proper site strategy for enhanced user experience.

  9. Get people excited to click on your Call-to-Action buttons.

  10. Set up your auto email response capturing your visitors while they're still looking on your site for the answers to their queries.

  11. Discover which apps you need as your business grows and how to add them correctly.

  12. Write converting copy so you can turn visitors into repeat followers.

  13. Design a website with your audience on repeat. Learn the pro secrets of creating an engaging and enticing design.

  14. Identify where your design needs to amp it up for better conversions. 

  15. Organize the flow of your site for optimal user experience.

  16. Implement a strategic design instead of just guessing.

  17. Align your website and business goals.

  18. Create a strategic flow that keeps visitors longer.

  19. Incorporate lead generating and workflow directly from your site.

  20. Automate, automate, automate for easier and more productive days.

  21. live access to these recordings.


What Will You Get?

There is Still More!

Check out All Bonuses

WIX Content Planner
Why WIX is Your Best Choice pamphlet
Webzilla Designs Lead Magnet Ideas pamphlet
Guide to Writing Effective Mission and Vision Statements pamphlet
Color Psychology in web design chart for download
Google Reviews Request Form for download

Discounted Access to future Webinars on SEO, Email Marketing, Facebook Ads

Guide to ADA web accessibility pamphlet
Security icon

Privacy Policy Example, generator tools

Web Accessibility Statement Worksheet

This Private Website Group Coaching program is a three month on-line program that teaches you how to optimize your website in design, functionality and SEO so that you can get found better online, improve conversions, and build your audience.

You are getting six, one-hour group coaching calls with live session support from a professional expert web designer.

In addition to these accountability check-ins, you'll get additional resources that will keep you on track and get you the results-driven website you want.

A key factor in this program is the ability to get professional insights and answers for your specific business and how your website can be the dominant force it needs to be for you to grow.

The good news? At the end of the three months you will have an improved website along with the knowledge of how to best move forward keeping your website working at kick-ass levels!

I will be teaching you what needs to be done for your website be better while you are either building or maintaining it by yourself.

At any given moment if you will decide the task is still too complex and would want me to take over - just say a word and I'll take it off your hands. You will be able to choose either working one - on -one with me, or have me apply all the experience and expertise I have to finish your website for you!

Best Value

Web Design Private Coaching



Every month

Get hands-on help and training for your website

Valid for 3 months

6, One-Hour Group Coaching Sessions (2/mo for 3 months)

Guidance on YOUR site design, SEO, and functionality

Access to an exclusive, private Facebook Group

Privacy Policy and Accessibility Statement Assistance

Access to SEO Tutorials

Access to Email Marketing Tutorials

Free SEO Planning Guide

Website Content Planner



Just a few questions to give us some general design direction and information.


In one hour Zoom Call I'll gather all that you need and start crafting your new website design.



This is where I get to work creating and constructing your newly designed pages for both desktop and mobile versions.



Once we are finished the project we'll let you know and you can share this newly redesigned website with your clients and have grand re-launch!

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