My father and I needed to create a professional looking website to kick start our business. We had no idea how to create one effectively so we took a chance and decided to hire a professional at wix.com hoping they could help us out a bit. We were paired up with Tatiana and let me tell you, it was a blessing! Tatiana showed great professionalism in communication, her punctuality was amazing and her web design skills were even better. We were blown away by her set up and design of our website. Everyone we have come into contact has started with "Wow you sight is so visually appealing". Tatiana was there to help us with any kinks or misunderstanding on how to work the site and utilize it the way we thought best. On top of her great web designing skills she has a great personality and was fun to work with. My father and I give her a 10/10.


It is my distinct pleasure to recommend BeWIXed Web Design (https://www.buildyourwix.com/) to any and all interested parties. They have been professional, comprehensive, and competent throughout the entire process of our working together. We feel that we have established a relationship with them for years to come. The reaction to our new web site (https://www.tcdglobal.org/) has been overwhelmingly positive; as one has commented "the site is FANTASTIC" Tatiana Davidov is a professional you are looking for when you need help executing your ideas. She and her team are skilled, creative, and were willing to work patiently with me creating my first website. I 100% recommend her company for any business owner who wants to make their website professional and user friendly. She patiently worked with me and was able to put my ideas into a very nice website for our company. Please, check our website: https://www.tcdglobal.org and we already have numerous subscribers! Thank you very much, Tatiana and Team!


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