HTTPS & SSL Certificate - What About It?

Whatever you type in any browser on any computer, tablet or mobile device can be potentially accessed by some skilled and dishonest hacker! This is no brainer anymore. Google is working really hard to protect you and other users from those unwarranted and unwanted attacks. SSL certificate and HTTPS are essential tools in this process! here are some basic facts

All WIX websites now have HTTPS, the highest security standard certificate. In a few words HTTPS ensures that all information and communications on your site are encrypted, authenticated and secured. There are few additional benefits - Better SEO, Protection of your site’s visitors information, it builds online credibility and your site looks way more professional

What exactly is HTTPS?

It is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) , and it aims to secure protocol through which your browser communicates with other sites.

When using HTTP sites, any data that is transferred can potentially be accessed or manipulated by attackers. However, when using HTTPS sites, data is encrypted and authenticated and therefore secured.

Benefits of Using HTTPS

Your site visitors' information is encrypted, and therefore more secure

Many users are more comfortable making purchases and sharing their personal information online when visiting secured sites

Starting early 2017, Google Chrome will begin displaying warnings anytime that a user visits a site that is not using HTTPS. Therefore if your site is not secured, your site visitors will get a warning message anytime they access your site.

Google ranks HTTPS sites more favorably. Converting your site to HTTPS will therefore improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One more cost effective supper benefit! SSL certificate is now included with WIX plans! Few months ago I was about to buy this certificate from GoDAddy because here, at WIX, it wasn't available yet! GoDaddy will charge you about $150 annually, and guess what? Looks like so far WIX is the only platform to offer it for FREE! That's how much they care about your security and piece of mind!

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