5 Secrets Revealed - How to Write Interesting Content for Your Social Media

I bet you will read entire article to find at the very end one very valuable tip which will jumpstart your readers attention! Won’t you?

What makes a good content for an article or simply a post to your social media. I’m not talking here about posts to tell where and whom you’ve been with through the day and what latest gossip you have heard. I’m targeting those who are interested to learn how to write worthy content about product or services they offer through their respective businesses. According to Curata’s study, best-in-class marketers use a content marketing mix of 65% created content and 25% curated content. What exactly that means in plain English?

Content of the article should be researched and planned ahead of time. Create perfect post by including this 5 elements:

  1. Catchy Headline. Always create a headline different than the article you are curating.

Planning and researching helps to avoid plagiarism and also brings out your point of view on the subject. Here are few tips how to make the content better for those who would like to get deeper knowledge on this subject “How to Optimize Content For Social Media Success.”

  1. Body Text. It is so much easy to write a post of where I have been through the day, or what the color of the sky was 5 minutes ago than sit down and write something important about the product or services you offer. You know so much about it, but yet it still is not enough. So much dreaded Writer’s Block hits you on the head almost immediately and while you so easily can tell any joke the words about what matters are not coming out with same ease!

Take a deep breath, grab a pan or pencil and jot down what you know. Try to focus on value first and foremost, because that is the only thing which eventually will grab attention of a your reader! Make a plan, and keep adding to it. Your original body text should take most of the post and should include following:

Attribution of the original article and author (with a link to the article)

Commentary and/or annotation. Frame the original article in a useful way to your readers by citing a relevant content, and provide your own analysis on the topic or issue at hand.

Links to created content. There is no doubt you have spent time creating unique and interesting blog posts, eBooks and other resources. Now is the time to link back to these assets—when they relate to the topic—and give your audience additional value and insure further reading. You’ve got also to include a link to original article. That makes you look good, avoids plagiarism, and after all when someone will use your content and post back-link you also would appreciate such courtesy.

  1. New Image. Use different image for your post than the one in original article. This will help to avoid copyright issues and will add to the originality. Try to find an image which will suite your vision and understanding of the subject. I will elaborate on images in one of the following entries, and meanwhile here is a FREEBIE –Pixabay.com is one of Royalty free Photography and Video Bank for those who is on a budget. Check it out.

  2. Quote. Add a quote from original article and your own tasteful comments to it.

The exact format can vary depending on the length of the original article and its topic. Be sure to pick a quote or statistics that will surprise, educate or entertain your readers. This is your opportunity to bring in intelligent, outside voices, which is one of the main advantages of content curation

  1. Call-To-Action ( or CTA ). This is GOLD! Mostly overlooked and misunderstood and nonetheless very valuable tool!

Remember what the opening line

of this article said? “Read entire article to find at the end one valuable tip which will jump-start your readers attention!” If you are still with me, and still reading this then you find the answer to that opening line. Yes, indeed – this article was started with the Call-To-Action, and you did exactly the action I have called you to do! What exactly have I asked you to do? To read it to the end! Thank you!

Call-to-Action typically states certain request in exchange for some freebie of specific value which would be absolutely without doubts very useful to readers. You’ve got to provide them with additional resources to expand their knowledge on the topic. For example “Download Our eBook Today” or “Like our page and get 10% Off” … and so on, whatever the case maybe, whatever will get their attention and make them stay on your page longer. Besides anything else – Google is monitoring the length of each user spent on your site! Work it, make them prolong their stay because they would want to do so when you will master how to put out authentic and relevant content! Call-to-Action Statement has to be something worth their extended attention, something to attract them and show undeniable value and reason to come back, and more than anything – to share their experience on their own Social Pages! Call-To-Action has to be catching, appealing and enticing!

Make them to believe in you, because if you will do it right than they will not just buy your product or services, they will share their joy and spread the word about you!

Can you do that? Yes, you can!

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