Why Do I Like to Write ? (or When Too Much Is indeed too much?!)

Why Do I Like to Write ? (or is it too much?!)

Indeed - Why? Well, I’ve heard some things, I know a little bit of this and little bit of that, I have few words to say - and that’s about it. I like it, I’ve heard I’m good at it, and I Can!

These words “I Can” are becoming very dominant in a lot of things I do lately. Honest! Don’t want to brag; Oh, God, No! Just brave enough to share some blurb, and that’s about it!


Here in Los Angeles we’ve got Jen’s List for young families, and I totally love it! Jen Levinson is an amazing Mompreneur (n. - Mom + Entrepreneur = Mompreneur.) She was able to create a guide to what's new, interesting and needed for moms to manage families and kids. In my opinion - Great Job! There is another list for more mature audience of grandparents - by the fabulous Max Izenberg - Suddenly65 with wisdom and words of advice to those who are looking for it!

Suddenly it hit me - what about us in the middle - men and women entrepreneurs and small business owners? Oops - couldn’t find one! I would be humbly honored to undertake this task and offer a weekly newsletter with tips and secrets on Social Media, Websites and SEO; How to get your Google Ranking higher; reviews on apps and gadgets for your computer, smart phones and business operations; featured business of the week in a hot seat, business connector, advertising and so much more…..

STOP! - Ask yourself one really important question now - what’s in it for you?!

Well, it will be a Small Business Owner's Survival Guide to What’s Hot, New, Unexplored (or Uncharted) and so very business-useful in Greater Los Angeles and beyond…

Sneak-Peek Preview:

🔻How-To’s on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and the next new social media platform out there… By the way, I like using different colors and fonts to express my voice on the soundless screen, that’s why you will often see different visual patterns in my writing...

➽ Do you know how to track your billable hours - unless you are Jason Gorowitz, dedicated, driven, successful and multi-talented lawyer, who has very efficient system for it. Well, unlike him you should go to togl.com and be amazed how efficiently you will track time spent on different projects. That is my first freebie for you, my reader!

🔻How to prioritize your day, not to miss little tasks and avoid being overwhelmed? - Kanbanflow.com That’s your second freebie… :)

➽ ➽ Are you friends with mysterious Google? How Google ranks your website, are those special and tricky Keywords actually doing the job to make your Brand’s Voice to be heard through the web clatter? Do you even know that Google can read what’s on your website, but cannot see what’s on those pictures? Ahah! There comes Alt Text - a clever way to describe to Google what’s on each picture. Lack of those words makes Google “angry” and lowers your global ranking and searchability! Yep, Google can be angry and vindictive at times. Google is pretty fast “reader,” it takes about 15 seconds for entire website to be analyzed. You’ve got to know rules to please this esteemed and cranky Search Engine!

➽➽➽ TIred from a long day, can’t fall asleep ? No Problem, I’ve got an app to manage your stress and help you meditate - that if you wish! Mental Sauna, by Scott Haskin - available in ITunes and Google Play. That was my third freebie today - not that I’m counting!

➽ Am I forgetting something here? Of course - Business Connector!

I belong to quite a few networking groups, among them are JNET, Chambers of Commerce, Women’s Professional Forum, Powerful Partner Referral Network, VIVA Networking Group, Business-n-Coffee, HLN and few more Meetups. Each of them has their pros and cons, and each of them has allowed me to meet some extraordinary people. I’d like to combine what I’ve learned from this experience and experiment to see if business connections through this newsletter will be a good addition for my readers to create a community or a forum and take it from here. I will announce ahead of time a list of a

Weekly Hot Seat Attendees and offer readers some background on such business owners. Readers in turn will be able to post questions to a featured business owner, and have those questions answered. Wouldn’t you like to have such exposure for your brand? I’m hoping this will bring extra zest and exposure to qualifying participants and their businesses and maybe even some change in their pockets. So many ideas swirling in my head...

If you, my reader, are still here, with me, reading this long blurb, than it looks like I’ve grabbed your attention!

➽➽ What you’ve got to do next - leave your name and email, grab my next blog entry, read it with fine tooth comb - I wish - and please - give me your feedback! There is no way you will like everything. So tell me, what’s good and what’s - eeehhh! I’ll make sure to work on it! Your critique is what I need! Be honest and productive!

Let’s do it! Shall we?

P.S. - One more thing! If you happen to like it - please, forward it to your friends!

Let them have it too! Pretty please with a cherry on top!

So…. Did you join my Newsletter List by now? I’m hoping to find your email and your name on my end! I’m going to check right now!

Of Course, You Did!.....

Did You? Really?!!....Yay! Thank you!

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