Something BIG will be unveiled next Friday in the Entertainment World!

Anyone out there who still remembers Bigfoot from “Harry and the The Hendersons”?

I barely came to America in 1991 and got myself in the middle of it! I barely spoke any English back then, but watching it on TV was too funny to miss! A few years later I went to Universal Studios Theme Park and there he was - of course it was the Double, but I still have a picture of myself with, well, Bigfoot, who was giving me a hug!

Who knew that 26 years later, of all days - yesterday!... I have met the very real Bigfoot! Let me tell you! He is really Big!..... Charming, witty, funny, creative and a really nice guy! His name...Dawan Scott!

He is still on top of his game on so many levels! I was privileged to learn few secrets and ideas he confidently whispered into my ear. Another person in this picture is an actor Rodney Allen Rippy! Remember, Jack-in-a-box commercial? Adorable 3 1/2 -year-old boy, stuffing his face with the humongous Jumbo Jack, and that catch-phrase: “It’s Too Big To Eat!” Yep, that’s him! We have been friends for a number of years now. So today three of us were brainstorming something really “Too Big To Eat”!!! Pssssttt! It’s a secret! For now! Just wait until Friday!, June 23, 2017! Something REALLY BIG will be unveiled, and you better be prepared! One thing for sure - it has nothing to do with Jack in the Box! Coming Sunday, June 25th - what happened 8 years ago on that day? Anybody out there? Any guesses? Well….. if you haven’t come up with the answer, then you definitely want to follow this and watch out my blog post for updates this coming Friday, June 23!!!! Yet again, I’m getting myself in a middle of it… We gonna unveil something really Big! Global Headlines Big! So get ready to be part of it, support it and share. Trust me, if you are a true fan of…. Then You would not want to miss it! Did you put two and two together yet?!... Remember! Friday 23, 2017, my blog

Something coming from Bigfoot’s Mouth… Something really Big is coming .......

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