Michael Jackson Big New Revealed!

This Sunday will be the 8 years anniversary from the day when King of Pop untimely has left to another destination. This Sunday is the day to once again celebrate his life and our love and admiration for his unmatched and unforgettable talent.

What if... there is a way to add new facets to the Diamond of Michael Jackson’s Legacy? The way to uncover the biggest secret of them all?

Well, looks like there is….

It is no secret that Michael routinely enjoyed playing practical jokes on everyone, his family, friends, fans, and strangers. Hollywood’s best-kept secret is that Michael was light-years ahead of TV series like PUNKED in targeting all-star casts of celebrities and superstars to prank.

That’s right, this is the gist! We have a MICHAEL JACKSON BIGFOOT Story to unfold!

In my previous blog post I’ve already asked if Anyone out there who still remembers “Harry and the The Hendersons” Bigfoot? The man behind the mask of Harry is Dawan Scott, Ex-NBA player, actor, and educator. He has lots of stories to share about his prank work with Michael Jackson. DAwan has also burning desire to bring these stories to the world, to engage MJ’s fans, friend and all those who ever crossed their path with the legend, to step up and bring forward their stories. Dawan reached out to another friend of MJ Rodney Allen Rippy. Remember, Jack-in-a-box commercial? Adorable 3 1/2 -year-old boy, stuffing his face with the humongous Jumbo Jack, and that catch-phrase: “It’s Too Big To Eat!” Yep, that’s him! Rodney and MJ have met for a first time at the AMA Awards in !974, and that marked beginning of their friendship. Dawan and Rodney

enough personal stories to share about his funniest pranks and best practical jokes to make an entire feature film. However; they would be remiss if they did not invite a world of fans that they know MJ also pranked to get into the act by sharing their experiences. The Big Idea is to involve fans, to hear their stories, to see maybe some video tapes, pictures or artifacts about Michael Jackson. Why, what they gonna do with it? The big plans are to start up a documentary, possibly Oscar worthy documentary and commemorate and preserve this unique materials and make them accessible to entire world!

At the height of his fame, Michael Jackson was the most recognizable and beloved person on earth. Shockingly, he was able to keep most of his comedic productions a secret. Perhaps the most expensive prank in Hollywood history is employing Steven Spielberg’s one million dollar Academy award-winning Bigfoot from the film and television series titled, Harry and the Henderson's to perform practical jokes on superstars with him?

If Michael Jackson and Bigfoot starred in one of his prank production with superstars just what else did he do? This campaign is in search for never before seen MJ & Bigfoot footage AND anything that a world of his fans can add to literally get to the act by sharing their funniest MJ stories.

Keep up with updates, get involved, spread the word! Next Big update will be this Sunday! Only here, on this Blog!

I’m very grateful to Dawan and Rodney for choosing 50Shades of Social Media to be at cutting edge of In-The-Know of this very exciting Project!

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