3 Obvious Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is Vital for your Brand Image

Social Media Is too valuable for your image brand

1. Social Media Marketing is the the most essential tool to promote and get recognition of your Brand Image.

I would say it is the best extension of Customer Service in a controlled environment; and when done right it is the best way to WOW and impress online traffic and convert those who seek information to those who will benefit from what’s offered. Social Media Marketing is a vital and rapidly growing versatile tool gearing businesses with strategies to deliver information-on-demand to a seeking for it consumer. Versus to a traditional and now soon-to-be-obsolete Advertising, which interrupts Prime Time Entertainment of all sorts of media and most of the time delivers not-required and annoying by it’s astonishing stupidity information nobody cares about The On-Demand and non-interruptive by nature materials in Social Media Marketing is a Godsend for those who seeks it. How so? It’s easy. Modern and tech savvy consumers are spoiled by luxury of vast possibilities to look for what what they need exactly when they need and at the time they allocated specifically for that purpose! Isn’t that great? Yes indeed! If I need to know what is the best platform to build a website and what are features to support such claim, I would do my research on several search engines at the moment when I have time for it, and if there will be an annoying pop-up along the lines, I will click it off and go straight to the search results!

2. Mastery of Communication is the key for success!

The point is that when we have a product to offer to a consumer, we better be prepared to shower that potential seeker with all right answers and suggestions in the form which captivate him or her and transport them to a next stage – to become a friend. The friend part is crucial, it’s the stage when we establish trust by being honest and forward. If we won’t be there than the competitor will! We don’t sell our products to a consumer at that stage, we are selling ourselves – an old and true saying. That’s when we build trust. Once consumer knows that we are who we say we are, that’s when finally sale process begins and we all are arriving to a next stage again – stranger/seeker of information who already became a friend evolves to a buyer. To polish this experience off we continue to strive to deliver the best product support and customer services because the best part yet to come – the next stage of the evolution will be a raving fan/slash evangelist! Those evangelists are the ones who spread the word of mouth of their extraordinary experience, because guess what? They love what they got from us, they love the shape of it, smell of and they talk about it – no matter what that is! Because from the very first moment they wanted our product, they searched for it, and we were at the right place and the right time with the right information! We’ve delivered and they enjoyed it! Now they are the ones who deliver back to us – they deliver their loyalty and admiration!

3. Another important part of this New Era of Social Media Marketing is confronting and controlling customers feedback within Social Media Platform.

Social Media is a tool to offer extreme Value to online traffic and and start two-way conversation instead of mundane advertising which is so easy to be turned off and avoided, because the key point – we didn’t ask for it, so we don’t want to waste our time to listen about it. We don’t want to be told, we want to ask and get the answer exactly about what we need to know. We should welcome negative feedback! They are a gold mine! I rather have a bad talk about what I do than no talk at all! No talk means the ideas I have apparently just dead and nobody is even annoyed by them! On the other hand nobody is perfect and it’s unnatural to have only all positive comment too! People are different and so are their choices, beliefs and temperaments! If somebody has a bad comment I want to know about it! If I will hide from bad talk, they still will be talking! Don’t I want to be in control and know what’s going on, so I can address, reverse and WOW at least some of them! The best way to do it to encourage customers to comment so others would be able to see how we handle objections, that we are not afraid of such and rather be on a front lines then hiding behind the curtains and not to be able to control larger damage. Whether I have a social platform or not for my business, the shoppers already are talking about my services, so I rather head on and control that conversation than not! Right? Of course!

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