8 Secret Things to Rock Your LinkedIn Profile

Did you know If you are not on a LinkedIn than you are not in Business!

That’s what experts say! Let's see how we can make it happen!

LinkedIn offers you the platform to achieve all your business goals, including these:

  • Getting Media attention

  • Driving more traffic to your websites

  • Finding perfect work or projects

  • Promoting your events

  • interacting with professionals from around the globe you would never have been able to contact before

  • Obtaining free advice from top consultants on urgent business issues

(Dan Sherman, Maximum Success with LinkedIn)

How to Make Your Profile Rock!

Or What you need to do to improve your visibility on LinkedIn?

Simple updates to your profile on LinkedIn can help you to stand out and be seen by the countless number of your connections.

Your profile represents you as a professional and helps to position you among your peers.

Few simple, yet powerful steps!

⇨ Make sure that everything you do on your profile is client and user-focused!

Don’t recite your own accomplishments to your potential client! Show them what benefits you will provide. When they like you they will read all about your accomplishments later

①  Profile Picture

Don’t be an Egghead! (That term actually comes from Twitter!)

Your photo will help your colleagues to recognize you, so make sure it is a professional look. Do not post your picture from your last trip to Hawaii, but choose something appropriate and not blurry. A picture has to show you as a respected and well established professional, as you are. Profile picture alone can get you about 9x more connections - (Linkedin statistic)

As long as your picture is clear and not on a cluttered background than you don’t have to go to a professional photographer. Hot Tip: if you are doing a selfie, or a friend is taking a picture of your with a cell phone - make sure that cell phone is raised up slightly over your own eye line, and the hand holding a cell phone is slightly bent down towards you, approximately 10 -15 degree. That will help to avoid lens distortion when your face will look disproportional

② Current Position

As you career path growth it's very much advisable to keep your current position up-to-date. Your connections 8 times more likely to reach out when current positions is displayed. Always updated current position just reflects on your own relevance.

③ Education

Enter your education, if connecting with your classmates and alumni is important to you! That’s a secondary benefit, but the main point is to show your potential Employers what you are made off. Education graph is very important on your profile. Statistics whos that there 17 times more chances to be hired with education portion of your profile filled out

④ Industry

Do not ignore this one - more than 300,000 searches are done weekly based on industry specifications.

Listing your industry will get you connected with specific events and connects you with job hunters. If you are changing your industry, then list the one you are interested into as well.

⑤ Location

Get discovered by local employers and be seen for any local opportunities. Many Job hunters are looking for local talents! Adding your location may increase your visibility by 23 times!

⑥ Skills

Adding your skills brings out your most relevant strength and abilities. Add as many skills as you can, be sure you actually are qualified in those skills you are adding to your profile. Add at least 5 skills you are really good at

⑦ Summary

This is #1 thing all recruiters are actually taking a notice at.

Best summaries usually include *Experience * Skills *Motivation *Interests

Hot Tip: Your summary should be attractive and optically scannable for those who is in a hurry (that would be all of us!)

⑧ Designing the Perfect Informational Box

* Avoid big blocks of text (We prefer Dilbert over War and Peace) Get in and Get out - short and powerful sentences

* Use bullet point with different shapes and colors for each entry. What will you accomplish? Not just your profile will be eye appealing, but also saves time for a potential Contact to quickly and efficiently find your best strengths and skills

* Create a Great Professional Headline

When people search for you or read your discussion posts in groups, they see a little box with your name, your photo and your headline directly under your name. If you want to personalize it than LinkedIn will fill in default settings with your current job title, Boring! That won’t give people any clue of your skills and why they should connect specifically with you! Hot Tip: Make this headline a benefit-oriented statement.Show what you can do to help peoples. There are two ways to do that:

  • First Approach:

If you have several skills than write a list with each Word Capitalized and separated with straight up and down line ( | ) It looks neat [You make this line by holding down the shift key and the backward slash \]

Here is an example

Tatiana Davidov

 Blogger | Certified Webmaster | SEO |Social Media Expert | 1.5K+

  • Another Approach:

“Benefit Statement” Approach for a professional headline. This is when you put into sentences all you can do to help customers to achieve their goals or tasks.

Example -

Tatiana Davidov

   Blogger & Expert Webmaster - Helping Small Business in LA Improve  

   Social Presence on the WEB| 1.5K+

Remember - You are in total control of your own profile, but you have no power to make someone to click on it, UNLESS your profile stands out! Make it happen!

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