Website Lingo - the Ultimate Guide for Beginners

When you starting a new web project, you will face a lot of new and unfamiliar words, unless you are a nerdy individual and did your homework ahead of time! I'm not planning to create The Ultimate Guide but I'll do my best to explain what's really necessary and important

Website Lingo adapted to real life understanding.

HEADER - is the part which is visible on all pages through the entire website

Header should contain some all of these components: Title and Subtitle of your site, social media links and logo. If your website is a membership type , than it will make sense to have a log in options included here. If we are dealing with ecommerce and a search bar will definitely benefit your users. Additionally the HEADER may contain any relevant components to deliver right message to the users: photo, short video, call-to-action button, Hot Seller Item, Discount and much more. Options are limitless. THe bottom line - don't overwhelm your potential clients with too much information. Sometimes less is more!

Also, it is important to include one or two major keywords in the title of your site, and use proper HTML tags (Don't know yet what that means? The tutorial about HTML tags will be available shortly)

The NAVIGATION BAR separate the PAGE from the HEADER. Navigation Bar itself is just a tool which assist users to flow from one page to another, or navigate from one part of the long scrolling page to another part, or connecting to some external links. Navigation Bar may have drop down menu to sub-pages, which will be uncovered on-hover. Navigation bar can be placed on the bottom and separate the Page from the Footer, or be placed vertically on either left or right sides.

The HOME PAGE is limitless of its components. Typically right under the Header there should be a so-called the HERO IMAGE, the image of the video which is aimed to attract the attention of possible site visitors and convey THE SIZZLE, or the MISSION STATEMENT

Building blocks, or sections of your Home Page and all other pages are limitless. They can contain written content, images, videos, audio tracks,calls-to-actions, downloads, media galleries, forms, built in apps and so much more.

To created any intended effect there are a lot of tools and presets, like buttons, shapes, paralaxs, strips, hover effect and so much more.

The FOOTER is also is seen through the entire site. The FOOTER may contain contact info, subscribe box, copyright info, maps, possible pictures or videos again social media links, download links, other social media embed feeds. Choices are limitless, choices are yours! Just make sure you have great content, properly licensed media and passion about what you do and what makes you happy!

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