Tatiana D

Creative Director,
Lead Web Designer,

I'm glad you found this website. Are you starting a new hobby, new career, or a new business? 

Are you interested to revamp an old website or creating a new one? 

Are you worried about how to put all pieces together and not to pay top dollars? Reinventing yourself online, or rebranding isn't easy and can be a bit intimidating.

We all have been where you are! My first successful career was in Photography and I discovered WIX when I needed to create a website for my portfolio. That journey wasn't easy! 

Now I'm a Certified Web Designer and WIX Partner. Our Team together can bring a lot of good ideas to your table

We can make it possible for people like yourself to make the web design process easy and affordable 

Let's work together and create a strong web presence for your business to run efficiently and smoothly.

Tatiana D

WIX PARTNER since 2015

The design, development, and analytics of a website critically define an online presence not just of a business but also of the brand. Businesses can not any longer get by with a simple website. Customers have become progressively savvier and choose whom to do business with based on a business’s digital presence. Our creative team is well equipped to deliver not just functional and relevant websites which visually will represent your brand. We provide our clients with monthly analytics reports to help them in monitoring their digital presence by creating individually customized marketing strategies. That's what differs us from other competitors and that's what will help you to develop a digital approach that works for your business.

Our clients always are part of the creative process. Together we develop a scope of work to reflects best practices in your industry and address your specific business needs. Then we will create and execute on it, involving and educating you, while keeping you up to date on our progress.

Whether you're starting out or have been in the business for years - our simple design & user-focused approach is geared to provide you with all the tools to be needed to have a relevant and functional website.


Why Choose Team BeWIXed?

Do we know digital marketing & SEO?



Comparing your digital marketing strategies with top competitors is a vital cornerstone we use to create a personalized SEO presence for your brand.

As digital marketing strategists, we test our methods to deliver results. We prefer the organic SEO approach to guide clients in a higher ranking on major search engines starting with Google. It’s a lengthy process, and when done correctly the results are very satisfying.

Do our clients rave about us?

Read what they say here!


99.9 clients are satisfied with their results!

They enjoy the creative websites we’ve developed for them. Our one-on-one approach assures results. BeWIXed takes the time to listen to your business goals and needs, and then builds a custom strategy to reach these goals.

Is our team honest and ethical?

Most definitely!


At BeWIXed, we uphold integrity, honesty, and respect for our clients. We never apply a one-size-fits-all approach or sell a service they don’t need. No pushy car sales tactics ever! We dedicate our time to achieving higher SEO rankings, increased traffic and conversions, and a higher ROI for our clients. How do we do it? At BeWIXed we listen to what our clients say and create customized one-on-one solutions that work! Totally creative websites for our clients.

Have we earned the trust of our clients?



BeWIXed focuses on clients first and always! That’s a priority. As a Web Design and SEO Agency, BeWIXed is different. We are committed and diligent to our clients by showing up on time; keeping our promises; never pushing unneeded services and being respectful, always going above and beyond for our clients. We value your individual and unique voice and that shows in our end result work, Positive UX designs, or in other words, user experience is the key to your and our success together!