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Victoria B

Tatiana is a pleasure to work with. She listens to my ideas and understands what I want. She completely revamped my former website and brought it to life! She assisted me in coming up with new, innovative ideas to make my website pop and stand out from the rest. We added many new features and she even took the time to teach me some of the basics of owning a web page and how take advantage of the many features wix website has to offer business owners. I am already planning my next project with Tatiana, and am very excited to continue this relationship. I am so grateful I chose to have her as my Wix partner!


Tyra Marie

Building my website with Tatiana was a very creative and professional experience. She was very efficient and helpful in designing it just the way I wanted it and extremely helpful  and knowledgeable in making creative decisions. She was also always there for our meetings to complete it in a timely manner. I am very pleased with the end result and highly recommend Tatiana and BeWixed for a website design. Tyra Marie www.tyramarieskincare.com

Rodney R

I was really satisfied working with Tatiana. She had a lot of insights and knowledge on what I needed her to accomplish. Her suggestions were right on point. Tatiana have created a customized template for me and it reflected my vision for this project. Great job done well! I definitelly will recommend her to anyone who is seeking a good designer. I'd give her 10 stars if I could.


Roy Anglin

Tatiana was a blessing and very comfortable to work with. She was adapted to what I needed, very knowledgeable and bring a lot of expertise to the table.


Alex R

I have two different websites serving the same purpose and I'm planning to do some testing as to how they will work. Tatiana was able revamp those both sites in a very short period of time. I liked the suggestions she has made. I"m not tech savvy in this new terminology as how to be found on Google, but her explanations were making sense.She definitely knows her game, very quick with the solution and she made sure I had all my concerns addressed to my perfect satisfaction. I definitely will be using her services in the future and absolutely will recommend her to everyone. If somebody can make a website which is pleasant to the view and functional - that is definitely her!, Thank you, Tatiana


Mark Neibert

I met Tatiana about 5 years ago and when she became a Wix webmaster, I hired her to build my website, for my talent management and production company, AA&M Promotions (www.aam-promotions.com) and MAN! was I pleased with her work!! After, losing touch for a while and needing some things tweaked and repaired on my site, I finally found Tatiana again, in the Wix arena. GLAD I DID!! Not only did Tatiana respond quickly, but she took care of my issues on my site AND re-worked my SEO plan to optimize my search availability online. Not sure if this is the right jargon, for all you "techie types" out there, but needless to say, the site is up live, running smoothly and I am getting more hits now too! Thank you, Tatiana, for a wonderful job!! I will surely recommend you to anyone needing a website and SEO services!! Cheers! Russ


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