or what colors are good for your website?

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Color Red

is associated with a sense of urgency. It's been widely used to promote a  sale, or to draw attention in ads or graphics. Red makes the viewer eager to complete interactions and instills the fear of missing out at the same time.

Color Red is also used to express passion, and jealousy, danger, and violence are also associated with it. 

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Color Blue

stands for dependability, intelligence, trust, safety, and security. Blue is quite popular in the business world — especially the financial sector. A lot of users find blue to be soothing and relaxing. Color Blue is often used in web design palettes and logos for industries that require a high level of trust, like the medical field, insurance, banking, and cybersecurity. Color Blue also denotes sadness. Soft blues are used to relax the audience and vivid blues are conveying the air of credibility. Relaxation and trust are typically associated with this color and drive conversions to a higher percentage.

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Color White

is associated with cleanliness and hygiene, which explains its wide use in the healthcare industry. It also represents innocence, virtue, honesty, and purity. Lately, some websites also use white for the trustworthy sensation of reading a newspaper. 

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Color Yellow

represents a lighter mood with the intent to cheer up your readers and make them feel warm and optimistic. Color Yellow is often seen on parenting, wellness, and travel websites.

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Color Green

is commonly associated with the environment and recipes. It calls to mind summer, outdoor activities, healthy foods, and overall wellness. Websites that advocate environmental causes or sell outdoor products quite often use a green theme. Along with blue, green is associated with relaxation as it’s easy on the eyes. Color Green is a great way to make users at ease.

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Color Orange

is traditionally also associated with fire, making it similarly passionate to the color red, but without as many negative associations. Orange works well as an accent in a more neutral palette and catches the users' eyes in ads and other various marketing materials.

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Color for users of web content has a very strong power to make a decision.

According to research, 85% of shoppers indicate that color is the primary reason why they buy a certain product. This holds true for everything from cars to shoes, but color as a psychological factor plays a role in non-material goods, too.