Website Design.

What do you really need to know about web design?

Web design is one of our core services. Our in-house team is always working to further our skills and knowledge to design highly innovative websites that keep visitors engaged and ensure repeat business.


It's no secret that a website is a digital ID for your Brand. That's been already acknowledged by most users across the internet. Your website must be relevant, responsive, and mobile-friendly, providing a positive user experience, and yet Google won't rank it yet higher. What seems to be a problem? Even the best-looking website won't do good unless it's optimized to the latest and the highest standards if Google and its algorithms won't be satisfied. That's where comes SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, which is one of our core services too. Check on the next page what you need for your website to rank higher, and how long that process will it take?

Give your website and business everything what's needed to serve clients online

We build Wix websites

with enthusiasm and experience

We create website to shape the right image of your company, Brand, or project. 

We will evaluate your brand and implement professional tools to manage your business online, get you higher Google ranking and place you higher than your competition.

We will provide you with all supplemental resources you may need, like stock photography, content writing which always will include relevant SEO keywords and reflect search intent of your potential traffic. We even have an cool animator and very talented content writer on our team

Interview with you is the first step. We need to know the goals and concept of your business, your market, industry and your clients needs. Also we need to know your personality to make sure it will be reflected in the web design.

We always create your website from a blank canvas. This way we can ensure that the look and feel of your website will reflect your brand identity. Because we don't work with templates we always create only one well thought out design concept which will be made for you.

These is what you will get

UX/UI Design

A unique non-template design with set styles (colours/fonts/icons)


Optimal and user friendly navigation scheme 

Content Strategy

Recommendations for content structure for home and other pages.

Plugins, Widgets

All basic tools will be integrated and set for your further administartion


Stock images / illustrations / 3D Icons (up to 15 images, licensed).

SEO & Analytics

SEO settings and indexing: titles, descriptions, on-page SEO, ALT Texts for images, and much more. Also running various reports on site speed, competitors keywords and so much more...


Google in 2021 firmly reaffirmed new rules of behavior on Mobile devices. Your website will be optimized for phone screens and usage.

Domain Connection

We only need your domain login details to connect all the dots and set the website live.

Our Love and Support

We won't leave you once your website is launched. You also always have Wix Support.


The timing of a project depends on how efficiently and promptly you are responding to required tasks when being asked to provide content or images for the project, or how easy you make decisions and approve the design.

Home Page Design

7-10 days

The content strategy of the landing page.

Design of your home page look and feel, color scheme selection, fonts, graphics, buttons, icons, etc.

Website Development

10-15 days

Development of navigation scheme and all other pages.

Integration of contact form, online booking and other tools.

Internal optimisation and tests


1-2 days

Transfer and handover of ownership of the site to you. 


Connecting your domain and making sure you are online and that Google "sees" you. 

Tell us what you need to have in your website

We've got everything your business needs to thrive

This gotta be a big decision and you have quite a few questions by now! If you'd like to chat before committing I totally appreciate that! Just schedule a time for us to chat and we can find out the best option for you.

Now when we are nearing the end of the Pandemic (I hope!) more than ever people are searching for what you have to offer online